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Student outcomes will change only when adult behavior does. The most important quality to the success of the district is trust. 


Dr. Yoram Solomon, founder of, is offering a different type of Team of 8 training program, one that focuses on building the three areas of trust required for a school district and its board to be successful:

  • TRUST within the board of trustees

  • TRUST between the board and the superintendent and administration

  • TRUST between the district and the community it serves

Trust in the Team of 8.png
The Trusted Team of 8 Training Program
  • Pre-session assessment (within board, board to administration, district to community)

  • Three-hour training:

    • The value and state of trust (including review of assessment findings)

    • How trust gets built in all three relationships

    • Identifying specific, unique trust-building actions for the next school year

  • Books to participants

  • Reinforcement videos


The school board training is based on research conducted by Dr. Yoram Solomon, using input from 95 school board trustees. The study used 57 questions along the TrustActions model.


"Dr. Yoram Solomon has proven that you can strongly advocate for a minority position on a school board and win. He has been a consistent, reasoned and reliable voice for me on the education-related topics that are being discussed at school boards across the state and in the legislature. He has leveraged his extensive knowledge and experience to offer pragmatic and innovative solutions to long-standing problems. His approach demonstrates that fiscal conservatism does not undermine the educational experience of the children in your district, but rather supports it."

Angela Paxton,

State Senator

"Yoram sets the stage for an environment at the board table that empowers others to look deeply at the facts at hand and moves the discussion in a productive direction. Even high performing districts have areas for improvement, and Yoram models discourse that allows challenging items to surface for evaluation and resolution."

Tammy Richards, School Board President

“Since Yoram joined our board, he brought his direct, no-nonsense, data-based and emotion-free approach to dealing with issues. We don't all agree on everything, but we now feel more comfortable disagreeing, and more effective in making decisions.”

Carrolyn Moebius,

Former School Board Trustee

"Our school district recently had Yoram lead us in our annual Teambuilding session. Not only was he well-received by each member of our board, but he was personable and spent extra time listening when one of our trustees had questions or comments. He displayed high energy and good enthusiasm as he led us in his professional, specifically-tailored session to our board. It was spot on and what we needed!"

Ralph Kunkel

School Board President

About Dr. Yoram Solomon

Dr. Yoram Solomon is the founder of the Trust-Building Institute. He published 19 books, 22 patents, more than 400 articles, and named one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers (2015-2018) and one of the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on Culture. Yoram is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and a three-time TEDx speaker. He is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at SMU. His relative trust model is based on years of original research and service at the IDF 35th Airborne Brigade.

In 2015, he was elected to the board of Plano ISD, where he served a 4-year term as trustee and board vice president. He is a TEA registered ISD and charter board member training provider (#2023-9-29-RP-2198) Valid through 9/29/2025. 


The workshops are designed to meet the continuing education requirements defined in SBOE rule Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §61.1 and Texas Government Code sections 551.005 and 552.012, for the Team-building Session and Assessment of Continuing Education Needs of the Board-Superintendent Team (3 hours annually) and Additional Continuing Education, based on assessed need and Framework for School Board Development (5 hours annually).

Dr. Yoram Solomon is a Texas Education Agency Registered School Board Training Provider (#2023-9-29-RP-2198)

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