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The Trust Habits Workshop


The workshop is engaging and interactive. It is delivered with real stories that your participants could relate to. It will show you that trust is not what you thought it was and that the building block of trust is your own trustworthiness. 


The content of the workshop is based on research. It addresses the 6 components that make a person trusted, based on who they are, and what they do. 

Change Behavior

In this workshop, participants will individually identify behaviors that need to change. Through the proprietary 7-step Trust Habits process they will build an action plan that will allow them to form new habits that will make them trusted

Sample Workshop Agenda

Half-Day or Virtual









Inspiration / Keynote / What is Trust?

Education, 6 Trustworthiness Components


Application, Individual 7-Step Plan, Part I


Application, Part II

Wrap Up, What's Next?














Inspiration / Keynote / What is Trust?

Trust-Building Activity I


Education, 6 Trustworthiness Components

Lunch Break

Application, Individual 7-Step Plan, Part I

Trust-Building Activity II


Application, Part II

Wrap Up, What's Next?


Workshop Principles

Trust is the foundation of every relationship, professional and personal

Trust is relative and dynamic. It is not absolute, universal, or static

The building block of trust is your own trustworthiness

To be trusted, you must build trustworthiness habits

Why Trust?

When I asked survey participants what is the most important quality for them in other people, 61.2% said "trustworthiness." In high-trust environments, projects end on time and on budget 45% more. High-trust organizations are 64% more innovative and productive and deliver 286% higher shareholder returns. Employees in high-trust organizations are 75% less stressed, 76% more engaged, 29% more satisfied with their jobs, experience 106% more energy, 40% less burnout, and use 13% fewer sick days. 85% of employees who were asked if they want to be more trusted said "yes." Mostly by their bosses (73%). Yet, in another survey, I found that three in four employees reported having moderate, low, or very low levels of trust in their companies (45% reported low or very low). 18.3% of employees reported having not a single person in their company they can trust. Customers are willing to pay 29.6% higher price if they buy from a trustworthy salesperson.

So, I'll ask you: is trust important to you?

Video Overviews

Who is the Workshop For?

The workshop is appropriate to all levels of employees in the organization, from leaders to line employees, from the CEO to the receptionist. There is no limit on the number of participants in the workshop. 

What Previous Participants Said

"As we are heads down with our daily work, its easy to lose track of innovation and the creative spirit. While many think it’s like lightning and uncontrollable, Yoram and his research show otherwise. Yoram came in and engaged our multi-site teams both with science and humor and gave the organization a basis for which to invoke creativity as opposed to waiting for it to possibly arrive. The team truly enjoyed the session as well as left with a set of tools to help in future innovation."

- Director, Big Data Platform Development, AT&T

"We walked in to the workshop with unknown expectations and left enlightened with a clear Strategic Intent and set of rules. Dr. Solomon created an environment that allowed us to be open and truthful with ourselves allowing us to understand where we were and where we wanted to be. He helped guide us through the process that allowed us to discover and develop our real strategic intent as well as the rules that we needed to achieve it."

- Sr. Manager, Product/Process Engineering, DRS

"Preparing the workshop was easy, it was like they knew exactly what we needed. I am impressed with the level of knowledge, commitment, and incredible easy way to communicate. Yoram helped us see ourselves from a different point of view, analyze the opportunities, and use our creativity to help us to move to the next level."

- Performance Manager, The Dannon Company

"I've seen first-hand how Yoram can transform organizations so they are able to predict technology trends, unleash their creativity, and successfully launch new products based on these insights.  He is an absolute master at blending real-world experiences with unique perspectives making him the ideal change catalyst for any group."

- Training Manager, Texas Instruments

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