Meet The Team


Yoram Solomon

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Dr. Yoram Solomon is the author of The Book of Trust. He published 14 books, 22 patents, more than 300 articles, and was named one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers and one of the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on Corporate Culture. Yoram is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, a TEDx speaker, and an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University. His trust model was shaped by years of original research and experience as a CEO, an elected official, an innovator, a teacher, a pilot, and a member of Israel’s IDF 35th Airborne Brigade.


Shira Solomon

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Shira is our research assistant. Daughter of Yoram Solomon, Shira holds a degree in education from Collin College and is continuing her studies at North Texas University. If you were approached by the Trust Building Institute, most likely it was because Shira researched you and believed we could add value to you. 


Maya Solomon

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Maya is our content and website editor and reviewer. Daughter of Yoram Solomon, Maya holds a degree in dance education from Texas Woman's University. She is responsible for improving the quality of our written content and the look and functionality of our website.