Yoram Solomon is a thought leader in the innovation field who focuses on the nature of creativity and the important role organizational culture plays in supporting innovative thought. A former Israeli Defense Forces marksman, he’s adept at nailing a physical target. However, Yoram’s sharpshooter precision isn’t limited to the shooting range. After years of studying the cognitive processes surrounding knowledge work and creativity, he’s pinpointed a single, necessary foundation: trust.



Dr. Yoram Solomon
half-jokes about the two lines
he wants on his tombstone: “He
inspired me,” and “The first man
to be killed in a radio-controlled
He smiles while talking about
the second line.
“That line is negotiable. The
first line is the important one,”
Solomon said.
He’s had success in the business
world, innovating and helping
others to innovate, currently
through his company, Large Scale Creativity, which works with
major corporations.



“Of all the trends that affect human progress, such as nature, society and economy, technology has the biggest and fastest impact. Its progress is hard to grasp, but once you do—you enable breakthrough innovation.
The success of others allows you to see the possibilities, not obstacles, in pushing the boundaries of technology. ”



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