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Building TRUST in Your Organization—
A 2-day TRUST HABITS™ Masterclass

For Human Resources Professionals

Trust is the foundation for business success. In high-trust organizations, employees are more engaged, productive, creative, and enjoy their work more. Projects end on time and on budget, and companies are more innovative and productive, deliver better products and services to their customers, and higher returns to their shareholders. This 3-day in-person masterclass will teach you how to help your employees form habits that change behaviors, build trust, and transform the organization. 

Why TRUST is Important to Your Organization

Employees experience:

  • 74% less stress

  • 106% more energy

  • 60% more joy at work

  • 56% higher job satisfaction

  • 76% higher engagement

  • 50% more likely to stay another year

  • 70% more aligned with the company

  • 41% higher sense of accomplishment

  • 88% more likely to recommend this place to family and friends

  • 40% less burnout

  • 13% fewer sick days

Organizational Behavior and Culture:

  • 67% higher autonomy

  • 71% greater ability to hold constructive disagreement

  • 240% greater willingness to vulnerability

  • 106% greater willingness to give feedback

  • 76% higher receptivity to feedback

Organizational Outcomes:

  • 64% more productive and innovative

  • 29.6% price premiums

  • Projects finish 45% more on time and budget

  • 286% higher shareholder return


The program was specifically designed for human resources professionals, but is also suitable for leaders, general managers, project managers, and anyone who is in a leadership position (with or without official authority) and can influence employees and members of the organization. 
Your role in the organization positions you ideally to build trust in your organization because you are—

  • Already trained, experienced, and passionate about human skills and organizational culture in general

  • Internal to the organization, and therefore knows the people, the culture, the dynamics, and the company

  • Right there to serve as the accountability partner, a critical part of helping others to build their trustworthiness

Who Should Attend?

“By learning Yoram Solomon’s model, I have found that I can more consistently approach my employees, other leaders, and my customers in a way that facilitates mutual trust and, ultimately, success.” 

- Roger Hall, General Manager, 
  High-Performance Solutions, Qorvo



  • Identify signs of lack of trust in the team or organization, and especially those in dependency relationships that are critical to the success of the organization

  • Assess the unique causes for low trust in any relationship in the organization and narrow them down to a specific behavior that holds a person from being more trusted by another

  • Develop an individual plan to increase any employee’s trustworthiness in a specific relationship

  • Coach, mentor, and be the accountability partner to the employee through their individual process of developing trustworthiness

Program Outcomes


The Trust Habits™ approach is different from any other trust-building process in the following aspects:

  • It considers trust to be relative, rather than absolute or universal, and therefore focuses on different relationships individually, prioritizing them based on critical dependencies

  • It recognizes that trust is reciprocal and that you can affect people’s trustworthiness by the level of trust you extend to them

  • It focuses on forming habits that change behaviors and build trust

  • It focuses on identifying and eliminating existing negative behaviors that have a significantly higher impact on building trust than adding new positive behaviors. 

  • The program is research-based and resides in the intersection of the science of trust and the science of habit forming.

  • The process of building trustworthiness and trust is highly prescriptive and structured. The process has very clear checklist-like steps

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Trust Habits Uniqueness



Learn what trust really is (and it’s not what you thought it was). You will learn why trust is important, how it affects the organization’s culture and outcomes, and how it “behaves” through the 8 laws of trust. Understand what makes a person trusted by another person through the 6-component relative trustworthiness model. This day will break many myths and show that trust is relative, reciprocal, and dynamic. You will gain an understanding of trust from the perspective of a person who wishes to be trusted.


Take the knowledge gained on Day 1 and learn how to turn it into new habits that change behaviors, build trustworthiness and trust, and transform organizations. In the first half of the day, you will apply the highly structured and prescriptive 7-step TrustHabits™ process to yourself through assessment, planning, and execution. In the second half of the day, you will learn how to coach others through the process, helping them identify critical relationships and behaviors that need to change, building a plan to change those behaviors, and how to act as their accountability partner to increase their probability of success. You will get some basic training in the principles of coaching to help you coach others through the TrustHabits™ process effectively.


Learn a few habits that were known to increase trust more generally and, in many situations, are practiced by the most trusted people. To apply TrustHabits™ in your organization, you will need the support of your management, and now you will get tools that would allow you to analyze and present the Return on Investment of deploying the program in your organization to your management. Finally, you will undergo a written exam to ensure your understanding of the content delivered in this workshop. Upon passing the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion and graduate.

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Dr. Yoram Solomon

is the author of The Book of Trust (now in 3rd edition and the most comprehensive book ever written about trust), the book series Can I Trust You?, and host of The Trust Show podcast. 


He published a total of 16 books and more than 300 articles on Trust, Innovation Culture, and Entrepreneurship. Yoram holds a Ph.D. in organization and management, an MBA, a law degree, and an engineering degree. He is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, a 2-time TEDx speaker, a former executive, elected official, pilot, and member of the Israeli 35th airborne brigade.

“With original research and keen insight, master storyteller Dr. Yoram Solomon calculates not only the monetary value of trustworthiness but also precisely what it takes to establish and maintain this invaluable quality. It’s the kind of know-how that they don’t, but should, teach in school.” 

- John Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Richardson Economic Development Partnership

Agenda at a Glance


The program will give you tools that you will use to help your employees form habits that change behaviors and build trust in the organization using the proprietary 7-step Trust Habits process.  Your toolkit includes:

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What You Get
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