Half Day (3-4 hours) to Full Day (6 hours)


Any level in the organization, from the executive team, board of directors, and any other team. From 6 to 500 participants.


Each participant receives:

  • A copy of The Book of Trust

  • One mini book from the Can I Trust You? series

  • The Workbook of Trust

Pre-Workshop Assessment

Access to the Organizational Trust Assessment will be given 30 days before the workshop. Results will be discussed during the workshop



Interactive exercises

Throughout the workshop there are several exercises, mostly in groups, that enhances  learning of the concepts delivered, build new skills, and engage the participants in fun activities.


The content of this workshop is based on primary research done in the last decade by Dr. Yoram Solomon, as well as other research he synthesized to build the Trust7x6 framework he uses. 

Flexible Length

The workshop can be taken over 3 to 6 hours. Length will dictate depth and focus.

Typical Agenda

Part 1: Overview of Trust

  • Opening story (inspirational)

  • Ice breaker (interactive)

  • Autonomy & Accountability

  • Constructive Disagreement

  • Vulnerability, Feedback, and Receptivity

  • The Consequences of trust

  • The Trust Game (interactive)

Part 2: The 8 Laws of Trust

  • Continuous

  • Contextual

  • Personal

  • Asymmetrical

  • Transferable

  • Reciprocal

  • Dynamic

  • Two-sided

Part 4: Taking Action

  • Review assessment results

  • Key trustworthiness habits

  • "Say what you mean" exercise (interactive)

  • Individual trustworthiness action plan (interactive)

    • Choose a relationship​

    • One thing you are doing wrong

    • Identify one new habit

    • Create metrics and a goal

    • Measuring and logging

    • Accountability partner

    • How long?

  • Closing story (inspirational)​

Part 3: The 6 Components of Trustworthiness

  • Who you ARE

    • Competence (Technical/Professional)

    • Personality Compatibility (Emotional)

    • Symmetry (Situational)

  • What you DO

    • Positivity (interactive)

    • Time

    • Intimacy (interactive)

What Previous Workshop Organizers Have Said

"Yoram came in and engaged our multi-site teams both with science and humor and gave the organization a basis for which to invoke creativity as opposed to waiting for it to possibly arrive. The team truly enjoyed the session as well as left with a set of tools to help in future innovation."

- Director, Big Data Platform Development, AT&T

"Dr. Solomon created an environment that allowed us to be open and truthful with ourselves allowing us to understand where we were and where we wanted to be. He helped guide us through the process that allowed us to discover and develop our real strategic intent as well as the rules that we needed to achieve it."

- Sr. Manager, Product/Process Engineering, DRS

"Preparing the workshop was easy, it was like they knew exactly what we needed. I am impressed with the level of knowledge, commitment, and incredible easy way to communicate. Yoram helped us see ourselves from a different point of view, analyze the opportunities, and use our creativity to help us to move to the next level."

- Performance Manager, The Dannon Company

"The day's survey showed the value of your session at 98%, one of our highest ratings for our summit! Thanks for engaging and challenging our leaders"

- HCA Director,

Medial City Healthcare