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How long is the workshop?

90 minutes to Full Day (6 hours), but typically 3 hours.

Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for any level in the organization, from the executive team, board of directors, and any other team. From 6 to 500 participants.

What is a typical outline?

Part 1 is an inspirational keynote that will explain what trust is, and describe the 8 laws of trust. It will show the participants that trust is not what you thought it was. 


Part 2 is educational. It will explain what makes you trustworthy and trusted, because your trustworthiness is the building block of trust. It will take you through our proprietary 6-part model of trustworthiness (who you are, and what you do). 


Part 3 is actionable. It is delivered in a "one2many" way, allowing each participant will develop their own action plan, based on our proprietary 7-step process.


Part 4 is optional. It includes specific topics, such as

giving and getting feedback, the 10 habits of trusted people, delegation and accountability, and more. 

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The workshop 5 principles

  1. Trust turns creative, effective, and productive individuals into a creative, effective, and productive TEAM.

  2. Trust is Relative and Dynamic.

  3. The building block for trust is individual trustworthiness.

  4. Bad is much stronger than good.

  5. Every participant will identify one new habit to adopt that will make them more trusted.

Complementary Content

Additional material can be included with the workshop to be used during or after the workshop. This includes The WORKBOOK of TRUST, the mini-book series Can I TRUST You?, and the online course series TRUSTED at WORK. Those can be ordered in volume discount directly from us.

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What Previous Workshop Organizers Have Said

"Yoram came in and engaged our multi-site teams both with science and humor and gave the organization a basis for which to invoke creativity as opposed to waiting for it to possibly arrive. The team truly enjoyed the session as well as left with a set of tools to help in future innovation."

- Director, Big Data Platform Development, AT&T

"Dr. Solomon created an environment that allowed us to be open and truthful with ourselves allowing us to understand where we were and where we wanted to be. He helped guide us through the process that allowed us to discover and develop our real strategic intent as well as the rules that we needed to achieve it."

- Sr. Manager, Product/Process Engineering, DRS

"Preparing the workshop was easy, it was like they knew exactly what we needed. I am impressed with the level of knowledge, commitment, and incredible easy way to communicate. Yoram helped us see ourselves from a different point of view, analyze the opportunities, and use our creativity to help us to move to the next level."

- Performance Manager, The Dannon Company

"The day's survey showed the value of your session at 98%, one of our highest ratings for our summit! Thanks for engaging and challenging our leaders"

- HCA Director,

Medial City Healthcare

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