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People buy from people they trust

They are even willing to pay a premium when they buy from people they trust.

What is Trust Premium™?

It's that simple.

Assessment of your industry

Sales force assessment

In-person and virtual Salesforce Training

What is Trust Premium?

When a customer trusts two salespeople or professionals at the same level, price is everything. A small difference in price will change the probability of closing a deal from 0% to 100% and vice versa. 


But when the customer trusts one salesperson (or professional) more than the other and the price is the same, the trusted salesperson will get 100% of the business. They can raise their price to get back to the 50% probability of closing the deal. 

Why is Trust PremiumImportant?

Imagine that the net profit margin in your business is 10% and that the Trust Premium™ in your industry is 20% (in some industries we saw Trust Premiums higher than 40%). That means that without any change in cost, the Trust Premium will triple your net profit

The Trust Premium Ground-Breaking Research

Trust is relative, and so is the Trust Premium™. The level of trust that your customers have in you depends on the behaviors you demonstrate when you are interacting with them. 

But the relationships between specific behaviors and trustworthiness, as well as between trustworthiness and the Trust Premium will vary across different industries and the personal context of the customers. 

Trust Premium Model.png

Trust Premium™ is a research-based approach to building trust that will increase the probability 

The Trust Premium Process & Services


Survey your Industry

Trust Premium™

The first step is to conduct the Trust Premium panel survey. It will provide several insights:

  • How high is the Trust Premium in your industry?

  • What factors affect the Trust Premium in your industry?

  • What customer segment has higher Trust Premium and thus is more lucrative for you?

  • What salesperson / professional qualities affect the trust premium in your industry?

Estimated Time: 2 Weeks


Customer & Sales Assessment

At this time, we will conduct an assessment of your own current customers. That assessment will show:

  • What is your current Trust Premium with your existing customers?

  • What is the probability that you will lose customers to your competitors? 

  • Where are the opportunities to modify current behaviors that will increase the Trust Premium?

Estimated Time: 4 Weeks


Customized Training

As a result of stage 3, we will build a customized training program based on the 7-Step Trust Habits® process that will focus on forming new habits that will change current behaviors and build trust, and Trust Premium. The training will have two parts:

  • Pre-sale: forming habits that will increase the probability of winning business and the Trust Premium

  • Post-sale: making sure you don't lose customers to competitors and instead make your customers loyal and willing to recommend you.

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