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Seven-time author Yoram Solomon, a corporate culture and creativity expert, and three-time author Lori Vann, a teen self-injury and suicide expert, team up to address one of the biggest problems of our times: Political Correctness. In the first part of the book they address the psychological effects of political correctness and the devastating consequences of it to corporate creativity, productivity, political polarization, and the increase in teen self-injury and suicide. In the second part they describe the surprising causes of political correctness, tracking it down to a life-altering event that happened almost 50 years ago, and to a new kind of investment, for the first time named in this book: litigation-based securities. Finally, in the third part, "2034," the authors offer two fictional, albeit plausible alternate futures: one that might take place if America continues on the current path of political correctness, and the other if it breaks out of this vicious cycle. This timely book is based on vast amounts of data collected and research conducted over several decades, and includes many stories ripped from the headlines, and had already led to a TED talk. The book is non-political, and anything but politically correct.

Cause of Death: Political Correctness

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    • Paperback: 278 pages
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13: 978-1974549542
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