Team effectiveness, productivity, and creativity heavily depends on team members' willingness to be vulnerable, provide direct feedback, and be receptive. Each team member would be willing to act in those ways as a function of the trust he or she has in each of the other members of the team. Simply measuring the level of trust in the team anonymously (such as through the Organizational Trust Assessment) would be misleading. The Team Trust Matrix Assessment (TTMA) requires all members of the team to assess all the other members of the team. The assessment is anonymous, and no member will be able to track specific responses to another member of the team. 

Your willingness to be vulnerable, provide feedback, and be receptive to feedback depends on the level of trust you have in the team member you trust the least. As a result, it is important to identify the trustworthiness of individual team members. 

There could be several reasons why a certain team member is not trusted enough. One reason is that there was not enough high-quality, intimate interaction with that member. In simpler words, the member is new to the team. Another reason could be that the team member is not considered competent enough. These two reasons can be mitigated relatively easily. However, a low trust level could be the result of an asymmetrical relationship, that should be examined. Finally, the low trustworthiness could be due to a severe misalignment of values, while this member of the team has been with the team for a long time. 

The TTMA report will identify the trustworthiness of each member as reported by the other members, and make correction recommendations.  




  • Order the TTMA from our online store and enter your contact information when asked. 

  • Within 2 business days you will receive an invoice and a link with a code and instructions to use the survey.

  • Pay the invoice and forward that link to participants within your company as instructed. Their responses would be anonymous but critical to the assessment

  • The assessment takes each participants 4-6 minutes times the number of members in the team to complete. For example, in a team of 8 members, the assessment may take 24 to 48 minutes to complete.

  • The assessment will close only once all members of the team completed it. After the assessment closes, we will generate a customized report for you and email it. 

  • You will be entitled to a free 60-minute consultation call to go over the results. 


The assessment report will identify how each team member is trusted by the other members of the team along the Trust7x6 components (Competence, Shared Values, Fairness, Time, Intimacy, Positivity). The report will identify problem areas, and propose solutions. 

TrusTracker 360 Team Matrix Assessment

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