Based on more than a decade of trustworthiness and culture research, Dr. Solomon made several discoveries. Leader trustworthiness has a dramatic impact on team (and company) performance. A high-trust team environment, as created by the team leader, can lead to a 64% increase in creativity, productivity, and innovation. Team members are more engaged, loyal, energetic, creative, and productive. Furthermore, 58.6% of your team members, when asked, said that trustworthiness is the most important quality you could have, more than the next four qualities combined. Based on his research, and the Trust7x6 model and formula, The Innovation Culture Institute is now offering this hybrid assessment that allows a leader to assess his or her trustworthiness. It is an assessment that your team will take, like other 360 assessments, except that this one focuses on your trust inputs (Competence, Shared Values, Fairness, Time, Intimacy, and Positivity, and your trust outputs (autonomy, direction, shielding, vulnerability, feedback, and receptivity). It will grade you on each of those components, and give you an overall trusted leader score. This assessment will take between 8 and 10 minutes to complete (by each member of your team). The assessment is anonymous, and your team members will not be identified in the report provided to you. 




  • Order the TLA assessment from our online store and enter the required information. 

  • Within 2 business days you will receive an invoice and a link with a code and instructions to use the survey.

  • Pay the invoice and forward that link to the participants in your team as instructed. Their responses would be anonymous but critical to the assessment. It is best to have all your team members respond to the assessment. 

  • The assessment takes 8-10 minutes (per participant) to complete. 

  • After the assessment close date, we will generate a customized report for you and email it. 

  • You will be entitled to a free 30-minute consultation call to go over the results. 


The assessment report will identify your trustworthiness strengths and weaknesses along the Trust7x6 model factors (Competence, Shared Values, Fairness, Time, Intimacy, Positivity), and on trust behaviors such as Autonomy, Direction, Shielding, Vulnerability, Feedback, and Receptivity. The report will identify problem areas, and propose solutions. 

Leadership Trust Scorecard

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