Business Development Intern

(college or high-school student)

job purpose

support and grow the marketing, sales, and business development activities of the Innovation Culture Institute and Dr. Yoram Solomon. 

job description

you will receive specific assignments that will change from time to time. some will include Internet research, others may include reaching out to companies, organizations, and individuals to promote the Innovation Culture Institute offerings. you will communicate with us regularly via email and video calls. 

job requirements

  • goal-oriented

  • trustworthy

  • self-starter

  • strong communicator

  • curious

  • organized

required technical skills

  • Basic computer skills

  • good familiarity with LinkedIn

job logistics

  • we pay $10/hour. you will be expected to work 10-15 hours/week, from your home, using your own computer. 

  • you will be a 1099 contractor, and not a regular employee. you will not be entitled to any benefits such as vacation days and/or health benefits. you will be paid based on hours actually worked.

If you are interested and believe that you qualify for this job, send your resume and the names and contact (email + phone) of two references to